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Member Services


Wenatchee, WA


Full Time

Member Services Specialist (MSS)

Key Responsibility: Above all, the MSS is responsible for selling memberships as trained and meeting cash and AR sales goals as they pertain to memberships.

Process Contribution: The MSS are vital to processes 1, 2 and 3: Marketing and Advertising, Selling and MOP. The MSR must generate sales. Waiting for people to walk through the door so that we can write memberships can be done by almost anybody. The MSS will be judged on their ability to create more prospects and to close more memberships. The MSS is responsible for creating leads, building relationships, converting leads into new members and ensuring that those members are serviced after the sale.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: Lead generation Customer satisfaction Member follow-up Meeting personal business objectives

Measures of success: Sales staff friendliness and NPS Close rates Cash Sales AR sales

Required Skills: Effective listening Sales Communication MSS Attitude Unrelentingly positivity!!

Reporting: MSS report directly to the Member Service Director

Things that might keep you awake at night:

Low friendliness scores

Not having appointments on your appointment book

Not being able to generate leads Low close ratios

Waiting for things to happen

Did I remember the names of every person I met today?

What have I done to improve my sales skills today?

What have I done to fill my appointments for the week?

How much relationship capital have I built with our members today?

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